’70s Icon Edwin Starr was ‘right on’ when he said (or sang) “WAR!”

*Absolutely Nothing*

The U.S. has not won a war since WWII and that only ended only after Japan was utterly devastated because we introduced them to the nuclear bomb, a new weapon at the time. Japan has forgiven us for this wicked atrocity, and they may well be too kind a nation for this. As you might know, we aren’t into war for the winning aspect.

Imagine if another nation had done this to America…if it were at all possible– we’d fight until the end of the earth and with nukes involved would not take long. Besides, America invaded the ‘closed society’ of Japan- first during the 1850s when fuckwit Commodore Matthew Perry and his comrades who plundered Japan at the behest of certain government-backed corporations for resources, although several nicer sounding narratives were offered to the American public. No matter how well you giftwrap that debacle- WE invaded THEM. The American way: “Kill For Resources”.

It appears to me- that our not-so-illustrious federal government consider this senseless killing perfectly acceptable, whether it’s our own young men and women, theirs or both.

As a Baby Boomer, I can tell you that we protested big during the 1960s. We’ve been protesting wars with a vengeance since Vietnam and the end result is more bombing of foreign nations. We are force-fed the reasons for attacking these nations by our elected officials and none of their claims have been proven true. Historically, Iraq and Iran has never had a reason for wanting to attack America, aside from the reasons our continued provocation have likely caused. I strongly suspect that Iraq, Iran and the other middle-eastern nations would like to avoid this constant attention. Our protesting hasn’t worked by so much as a smidgen.
A MASSIVE part of this is because a BIG-ASS portion of Americans continue to elect and re-elect warmongers, believing the nonsense that they continue to spew from their mouths. I have faithfully voted for what I perceived as anti-war presidents only to realise that once they enter office, the military campaigns continue with little abatement, despite promises to the contrary. I’ve lost friends and family and surely you have as well. Protesting is still the proper response to this, but we need more bodies in the good fight. More Republicans and more Democrats (more of any political party for that matter) to join in, rather than simply allowing politicians to say what they feel we want to hear and act accordingly.

As an American who has lived abroad for years at a stretch (I’m back home now- to retire)- I can tell you two things that I know to be true. 1. After our initial reluctance to become involved in WWII’s European theatre of conflict at the behest of our allies in Europe, we entered, performed our job well and departed heroically. We won millions and millions of admirers for that action and it was well-placed admiration and respect. 2. During the past 40+ years, we have managed to obliterate this respect to the degree that America has now become perceived as the world’s bully.

This, despite attempts by our federally elected officials to list China and the so-called “Axis of Evil” , namely Iran, Iraq and North Korea. (as described by ex-Prez Geo. “W” Bush, the Younger). another odd thing about the feds considering China as evil- the fact that they achieved “Most favoured nation” status by the George Bush the Elder, but we all know that this was simply because he wanted to pass the old FTA (Free Trade Agreement), a strongly contested issue. Next week, I speak to the FTA’s new daddy, the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)- in its own right, a hotly-contested issue . For the record, I am all for trade with other nations- when it’s done properly and for the right reasons.

Please consider writing your Congressman or anyone else you believe could assist in this urgent matter, make placards and protest in front of city halls everywhere, write your own blog, whatever it takes to “TAKE BACK AMERICA FOR THE PEOPLE”.


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