Health care in a America? It’s a joke.


Watching “John Q”. It’s about a father whose son is going to die if he doesn’t get a heart transplant. He’s working and has insurance, the best he can afford based on his income. It turns out it isn’t enough for a heart transplant, so the hospital decides to discharge the boy because they can’t operate without an insurance company paying the bill which the father is told could be well over $250,000.00. Naturally, being a working class individual, he can’t afford it. Yes, I realize this is a movie, but it also represents what is wrong with American health care system. If you’re aren’t affluent, you can be turned down for treatment, even life-saving treatment. We’ve all seen where people will start a drive to raise funds for a dying relative and it’s great to see people come together in order to avoid an even larger tragedy, but I have questions. 

1. Why are medical costs so high? It’s astronomical. I see cases like this come across my desk every day at the office. I alone handle over 300 cases each and every day. Working class people lose their homes everyday because of this very issue.
2. Why don’t the taxes we’re already paying contribute towards this cost?
We need better accountability and transparency for our taxes, after all, it’s an investment of sorts. 

I lived overseas and the taxes there are lower than they are here, and they have socialized medicine. What’s stopping America from providing this for the citizenry? I’m told that America’s population is much to large for this. So, there’s that many more people paying into it. Every human deserves the same healthcare as the next, without regard for income, assets, race, nationality, etc. Period. Why, in this (supposed) greatest nation on earth, is the level of health care one receives, based on income? Based solely on my own experience, people under socialized medicine are happier than nations whose citizens have to pay (if even possible) for health care. No matter how ill you may be, you wouldn’t need to worry about losing your home, car, etc.for healthcare.


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