Small Town AM Radio Stations on Endangered List

Las Vegas, NV – About 10 years ago the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), began a trend of deregulation that changed the face of radio broadcasting in the United States. Medium, and small market broadcast owners were being purchased left, and right by larger broadcasters, at prices they couldn’t refuse! Not to mention, many of these owners had tremendous debt loads, and endless overhead. Deregulation also allowed larger owners to purchase other large media companies to form massive broadcast conglomerates… which put more little guys out of business. Today, the radio industry has a new face, and you will find the same radio group owners in every town U.S.A. such as; Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS, and Emmis to name a few… of course there are ONLY a few!    Link> Read more

Assuming you’ve read the full story, allow me to express my opinion:

As a former broadcaster at small AM band (and a few FM) radio stations, I feel this loss represents the way our federal government sees corporate desires above the citizens desires. From jobs that are farmed out to third world countries and manufacturing as well…which leave American citizens with few prospects, because so many corporations are having their various departments shipped out to these (typically Southeast Asia and India) countries. What will be the end result of this is anyone’s guess, but I’m positive that it’s doing irreparable damage to our nation. I believe we are heading down a route towards becoming a third world nation ourselves. All because of Federal Government and Corporate greed.

I believe the more small AM stations are shut down, the amount of pirate radio stations will rise.


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