Lizards and Religion

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reptilian stare

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Love Can Mess You Up: Before Arthur David Horn met his future bride Lynette (a “metaphysical healer”) in 1988, he was a tenured professor at Colorado State, with a Ph.D. in anthropology from Yale, teaching a mainstream course in human evolution. With Lynette’s guidance (after a revelatory week with her in California’s Trinity Mountains, searching for Bigfoot), Horn evolved, himself, resigning from Colorado State and seeking to remedy his inadequate Ivy League education. At a conference in Denver in September, Horn said he now realizes that humans come from an alien race of shape-shifting reptilians that continue to control civilization through the secretive leaders known as the Illuminati. Other panelists in Denver included enthusiasts describing their own experiences with various alien races. [Rocky Mountain Collegian,

In September, Hadi al-Mutif, 34, who has been on death row in Saudi Arabia for the last 16 years, following his conviction for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, was given a five-year prison sentence after insulting the Saudi justice system in a TV interview. [Reuters, 9-3-09]

The Koran, what a friendly, turn-the-other-cheek type book chock full of wonderful lessons”

Among the ramblings on the blog of George Sodini (the gunman who killed three women in a Pennsylvania health club, and then himself, in August) was his belief that, having once been “saved,” he would enter heaven even if he happened to commit mass murder. Sodini attributed the belief to one of his church’s pastors, and another church official, Deacon Jack Rickard, told the Associated Press that he personally believes Sodini is in heaven (“once saved, always saved”), though Rickard somehow split the difference: “He’ll be in heaven, but he won’t have any rewards because he did evil.” [Salon-AP, 8-9-09] 

Yeah, right!

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals operates an assistance-dog program under a $500,000 grant and not only provides the trained dog but also yearly “refresher” sessions to keep the dog sharp. However, client Patricia Frieze told SF Weekly in September that the organization had asked her whether it could do the refresher course this year by telephone instead of a home visit by a trainer. [SF Weekly, 9-18-09]

What was that again?

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