Stupid Names and Crime

Frederick Douglass portrait
Frederick Douglass – From Slave to Statesman

How would you pronounce this child’s name: “Le-a”

Leah?       NO
Lee – A?    NOPE
Lay – a?    NOT A CHANCE
Lei?            Guess Again…

This child attends a school in Detroit , MI. Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong. It’s pronounced “Ledasha”. When the Mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, “da dash don’t be silent.”

I worked with a chick saddled with the name , “LaTreen”.  Your parents think they’re being slick or fancy with “La” in the front, as if it’s French.  I’ve got news for you, “Latrine” is a military outdoor toilet.  Now, is “LaTreen” still a nice fancy name for your loved one?

WHAT THE FUCK?! There’s only one response if a parent pulls bullshit like that…deportation.    You defile the definition of American!  All aboard!

In the old days, even if someone (black or white) didn’t have an education, at the very least they’d speak as well as possible. Today many young blacks (and now many young whites), regardless of education or status…insist on speaking as if they had no education at all.  The saddest part of that is the fact that primary education is not only free in today’s world…it’s mandatory, and so many of today’s youth strive hard to AVOID school!  Yes, they are bonafide idiots!  Up until the 70s, they had a good excuse, and even then, some pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made it seem as if they’d had an education as much as possible, because they wanted things in life (not stolen goods, dickhead!).  Some (sadly) had to steal the books, but they learned.  Today, they’re too busy stealing TVs, cellphones, sneakers, etc.   Not so today.  If you don’t want to be thought of as an ignorant bastard, then act like it!  It’s as if most of the younger ones don’t give a damn about anything today.  There’s a large segment of the young white population trying to assimilate and they also sound like idiots!


What is it that some blacks have to have these made up silly sounding names? When you hear the name, you know right off, it’s a negro! They don’t want to be stereotyped, but…. they keep on acting stereotypical.  Sure, it may not be all blacks, but it’s sure as hell an incredibly large percentage, judging from the evening news!

When I read the newspaper and I hear about someone who was jogging down the street being mugged and beaten up I know that at the end of the final article that it’s gonna be a black crime.

I know a few WWII generation veterans (and a handful of Baby Boomers veterans) black Americans who are ashamed of the behavior of these idiots.

The newspaper can’t really give a description because it might hurt someone’s feelings to say several black males did it. However, two weeks later when the thugs are caught, you will hear their names, Keyshawn Willis, Tyrone Jackson, Samari Mohammed, Dante’ Brown, Kareem Duboise and Raheem Washington. Oh, and they happen to be members of a gang. The cops found out particulars of the crime when on a hunch they asked one of the sisters of the gang about the crime. Unfortunately, she also then had to be arrested for attacking an officer with a butcher knife. Her name was Latreen Potts. Her last name is different because she never knew her father and she isn’t sure which of the gang members is her brother. Latreen is pregnant but can’t see a doctor because he may report her crack addiction to the authorities which may take her future paycheck away.

Meanwhile the attack victim (Patrick Murphy) while recovering in the hospital in intensive care says that as he was jogging several blacks stopped him and demanded money. He gave them the $22.40 which was every cent he had with him, but that small amount angered the blacks so one of them sucker punched him from the side. Once on the ground they all took turns violently kicking him until he passed out and was found a few minutes later by yet another jogger.

I see these type articles everyday and I profile because most of the time (by far) I’m right.

Profiling saves time.

Racism isn’t bad, it’s nature. If black people don’t want me to be racist then stop acting like pack animals.


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