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A Series of Unfortunate Events…

I’ve been getting my motorcycle ready to sell to finance my trip back home to Florida. New parts to make it look better, new side cover, etc.

Tonight I went out to the front porch to throw the cover on it as usual. The porch is protected from the rain, but I use the cover so that it isn’t seen easily from the street. Black and chrome show up really well at night when the street lights kick on

Well, as I was tying the cover on I leaned against the right side of the bike, which leans to the left because of the kickstand…like any bike. My bike leans particularly low already when parked, in a chopper/lowrider stance.

Needless to say, I leaned a bit too hard on it and it fell over toward my french doors, breaking out one pane and scratching gouges in of the door’s white paint. In the process, it busted the bezel off my headlight and the chrome bezel and the lens fell out. Just to make sure the job was done properly, the left mirror snapped off as well.


Now I have to fix all that PLUS the stupid french door that was smashed! I will return to Florida as soon as possible, but it will be delayed. It’s as if the Cosmos were conspiring against me!

UPDATE: I went to check it out this morning in the daylight and found that the choke thumb control was broken off, too!

Beautiful, just %&#%#$* beautiful!

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